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Research Article - Journal of Psychology and Cognition (2020) Volume 5, Issue 2

Tetrachoric model of theoretical approach to the construct of resilience.

Every day humans do in various levels, fulfilling various roles and face constant challenges of all kinds, the period that is lived as a student during the individual life cycle does not constitute an exception to these facts and it requires the appropriate use of all the powers which he has. However, the occasions in which the student reflects that it does not have the necessary tools to have a triumphant result cannot be ruled out or are weakened, taking into account that the conditions for the achievement of the goals are not always the best and there are various obstacles that go beyond the individual, either personally, the interpersonal. That is why, the ability of people to develop psychologically normal, despite living in contexts of risk, refers both to individuals in particular as to the groups that are able to minimize and overcome the adverse effects of adversities and disadvantaged contexts. The purpose was to establish a theoretical approach to the resilience construct. Methodology: It was made a quantitative, correlational, cross-sectional research. The sample was non-probabilistic, the survey technique and the instruments SODEMEM-Cardozo, Graffar scale and the Connors-Davidson Resilience Scale, Spanish version. Findings: Resilience is more than the absence of pathological symptoms or disorders in the event of a traumatic event in life; it should be looked for in everyday stressful situations away from psychopathology, being a relevant theoretical and practical issue. Conclusion: Resilience is an attribute of personal health, characterized by difficult situations from continuous contact with sick people and conditions not suitable work. The students must assume themselves as positive beings capable of entering to build from their conscious individuality the change of reality, starting from the fact that it does not depend on the other but of each and turn together.

Author(s): Ortunio C. Magaly S*, Guevara R Harold, Muñoz M Aarón

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