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Research Paper - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2014) Volume 4, Issue 4

Teflon nasal splints in nasal surgeries: advantages over conventional nasal packing

Background &Objectives: Nasal splints have long been used to prevent post operative nasal adhesions in septal surgery. But its efficacy in reducing adhesions and residual deviations are still controversial. Teflon is an inert material used as septal splints with sieves are used in our study as splints.

Materials and methods: This is a comparative case series study done in 214 cases of septoplasties. 116 postoperative cases were packed with framycetin packs only and the other 98 cases by framycetin packs and teflon septal splints. The groups were compared for postoperative nasal adhesions, residual deviation , pain , septal perforations and subjective patient satisfaction.

Result: The rates of adhesion and pain on VAS scale showed no significant difference in the splinted and non splinted group. Pain was more with the splints even after pack removal. Residual deviation was reduced with these teflon nasal septal splints.

Conclusion: Nasal septal splint does not significantly reduce the adhesions after septoplasty but are effective in reducing the residual deviations. The pain and discomfort are more with the splints. Post operative adhesions are better reduced by nasal irrigation and manual cleaning of the cavities by antibiotic ointments.

Author(s): Sudhir M Naik , Ravishankar B Shashikumar T, Deekshith T , Sherry C , Pooja N , Sathya P

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