Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Rapid Communication - Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics (2023) Volume 4, Issue 1

Teaching Methods for Children and Adolescents in Gynecology

To portray a cross breed recreation model for pediatric and juvenile gynecology (PAG) assessment instructing, to assess on the off chance that it would be doable to be led as a piece of the PAG preparing, and to figure out how it would be seen by the students. Members participated in a 2-day recreation based studio comprising of a hypothetical part and 3 high-loyalty PAG reenactment situations, trailed by an unknown criticism overview on their perspectives about the mixture model educating methodology. To depict and assess plausibility of a cross breed reenactment model for PAG assessment instructing and to report understudies' fulfillment and acknowledgment of this instructing methodology; to share workforce experience and illustrations mastered during the improvement interaction. Of 22 at first enlisted occupants, 16 of them finished the recreation based meeting. Everything except 1 member favoured a crossover model to an undertaking coach as an instructing methodology. Similar number of studied occupants expressed that they learned seriously utilizing the half breed model. Subjective criticism from the members was generally speaking positive.

Author(s): Xuefeng Xu

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