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Abstract - Journal of Fisheries Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Sustainable Fish Stock In Mataram City, Indonesian

The fish farming had similaries problem in both marine and fresh water, which is 60 to 80 % of funding activity for fish feeding suplay. For sustainable fish farm and stock Dinas Perikanan Kota Mataram focusing on prevention pay.wich new innovation base on traditional local wisdom and legend story of most famous gendang belek as the name of fish pound. Fish pound gendang belek made from metal plate, easy made, low cost and semi permanen. the innovation put on the back area of traditional market that produce fish waste/polutan like abdomen, skin and skull fish. we can use as fish feed by gift with freshly, or fermentation proceed. Fish waste contain essential amino acid. The feeding activity as usually and management of water quality. One of the unique of gendang belek fish pound was produce a sound as a maturity of catfish. It sound produce by the increasingly of fish mature. this model needed by local people as human resource under quality and to empower the people by local wisdom. The story of Gendang belek is the percussion for weeding day, ceremonial and music for attact on the war heroism.The cat fish as scavenger and feed by good quality produce maturity and ready for spawning time. As a maturity of fish transform to fish spawning pound in Balai Benih ikan Kota Mataram. For 1kg of fish produce 35.000 egg. Capacity of one standar of gendang belek pound about 1 ton water, contain 30 kg fish biomass. As intensive management growing maturity would be 50 kg fish biomass.

Author(s): Agus Pramono

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