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Original Article - Current Pediatric Research (2018) Volume 22, Issue 1

Survey on the practice of ambulatory anesthesia in Algerian children.

Background: This survey aims to describe current practice in ambulatory care among pediatric anesthesiologists in Algerian hospitals. Methods: Anesthesiologists of 40 hospital institution were received a questionnaire examining the proportion of pediatric ambulatory anesthesia practiced by each responder. Results: At the end of the survey, 42.5% (17/40) of the country's hospitals answered the questionnaire, including 4 in the center of the country, 6 in the west of Algeria, 4 in the east and 3 in the south of the country. The entire investigation took place in the public sector. The institutional distribution was as follows: UHC (8 / 17-47%), HPI (6-35%) and SHI (3-18%). The 17 questionnaires were complete. All the practitioners who responded had ambulatory anesthesia activity. The part of the ambulatory in the surgical activity is practically identical in the different regions of the country including the capital ‘Algiers’. Conclusion: A better commitment for ambulatory care must be found among anesthesiologists. Further studies are required to acquire more details on the practice of ambulatory anesthesia of all hospital institution in Algeria.

Author(s): Samia Benouaz, Djamila Djahida Batouche, Ibtissem Bouanani, Nadia Faiza Benatta, Zahia Chentouf Mentouri

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