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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 22

Survey of chronic hepatitis B of community and early liver cancer screening for these specific population in follow-up

Objective: To explore the establishment, follow-up and early intervention effect of community-based specific population of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and to provide references for the prevention and treatment of early liver cancer.

Methods: Residents of a total of 12 communities in our city, 39603 cases were screened to analyze the incidence and epidemiological characteristics of CHB. A specific population of CHB was selected for the study and a specific population was set up. The specific population was followed up and the related indexes were detected, to observe the prognosis of liver disease and the incidence of the situation.

Results: Totally 39603 cases were screened and 1495 patients with CHB were enrolled in the specific population. In the first follow-up, 1362 cases were included, the B ultrasound displayed abnormalities in 401 cases, the detection rate of liver cancer was 0.51%. In the second screening, there were 309 cases of ALT abnormality, the AFP positive was found in 34 cases, the abnormalities of B ultrasound were in 432 cases, the detection rate of liver cancer was 2.41%. In the third screening, the ALT abnormality are 357 cases, the AFP positive was found in 41 cases, the abnormalities of B ultrasound were in 466 cases, the detection rate of liver cancer was 2.71%.

Conclusion: It is possible to improve the early detection rate of early liver cancer by establishing a specific population of CHB in the community and carrying out the follow-up, which can provide references for the screening and the secondary prevention of early liver cancer.

Author(s): Jin-long Ma, Fan Yang

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