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Special Issue Article - Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 0

Succesful delivery outcome with eisenmenger syndrome in low resource setting: a rare case report

ES is very rare in pregnant women with an incidence of about 3%. It is rarely reported, but it is associated with significant morbidity and mortality of both mother and baby. It is well known that pregnancy poses an immense risk and maternal mortality reached 56% and even in recent reports mortality rate remains unacceptably high (25-30%). A woman, 35 years old, G3P1A1 36-37 weeks of gestational age (Her LMP was on 13/07/2017), singleton live head presentation, previous C-section 1 times was referred from clinic due to absent end diastolic on doppler examination to emergency room with complaining of breathless at rest. On examination, peripheral and central cyanosis was noted with presented clubbing finger at upper limb. On further examination, she had a pulse 102/min, BP=127/80mm of Hg, respiratory rate=24/min, oxygen saturation=82 %(on room air), with a raised JVP. On auscultation of the chest bilateral basal crepitations were heard, a pansystolic murmur and loud pulmonary component of second heart sound with no ejection systolic murmur was heard on auscultation. Hemoglobin, leucocyte hematocrit and platelet values were 20.8 g/dL, 50.9%, 5.58x103 /

Author(s): Dalri Muhammad Suhartomo

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