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Research Article - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2022) Volume 6, Issue 5

Study the Lead contamination in groundwater and plant samples using extraction method and Atomic AbsorptionSpectrometer.

Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal that may accumulate in our bodies and can harm some organs in the human body. The present work was under taken to show the different sources of Pb in the environment and study the distribution of Pb in underground water and plant samples. In this work, underground water and plant samples were collected from different regions at Sabha city, Libyia. The Pb in collected underground water samples is extracted using strong cation exchange resin and eluted with nitric acid, then determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Plant samples were washed and dried then digested using nitric acid (HNO3) and Pb determined as usual. The data of study showed that, the range of Pb in underground waters is 1.739 to 2.745 ?g/l with regional average 2.152

Author(s): Fathi .K. AwadandSalma. B. Kalifah*

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