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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Study on the application of the guidance on osteotomy

Objective: Osteotomy is an essential procedure in the operation of bone transport. In recent years, multiple drill holes and transverse osteotomy gradually becomes the foremost method for osteotomy, being favoured and recommended by many clinicians.

Methods: 60 femoral moulds which were covered with bubble were used to simulate human femurs, and were divided into 3 groups: non-guiding group, simple drill guiding group and drill-osteotome guiding group. After the osteotomy finished, the time cost, the match rate between drill holes and osteotome tracks, the maximum vertical distances between drill holes as well as of osteotome tracks of the incision sides and the contralateral sides were recorded.

Results: The data of three groups were analysed using One-Way ANOVA. With the use of the guidance, the time cost for osteotomy can be obviously shortened, the difficulty of osteotome cutting and the harm to surrounding tissues can be reduced.

Conclusion: The difficulty of osteotome cutting and the harm to surrounding tissues can be reduced with the use of the guidance, obviously shortening the time cost for osteotomy. The guidance deserved clinical promotion.

Author(s): Jinxing Yang, Lijun Liu

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