Biomedical Research

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Case Report - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 6

Study on breast cancerous organs depth and coverage parameters via Debye and monostatic rader techniques with UWB-microstrip patch antennas

A 5 GHz class of Microstrip Patch Antenna (MPA) designed, simulated, fabricated and measured has been presented in this research paper. Furthermore, comparative study on existing Debye test bed and Monostatic radar techniques have been implemented for depth and coverage of cancerous organ parameters respectively via 2 × 2 array pattern of ΨU shaped UWB-MPAs. The proposed MPA offers enhanced design parameters and lesser complexity than existing 3GHz MPAs. For an example, the proposed UWB-MPAs prototype provides operating frequency of 4.53 GHz (15.99% of Fractional Bandwidth (FBW)) and complexity of 18.64 × 23.92 × 1 mm3. Hence, these MPAs have to analyse the vector dimensional and depth of cancerous organ has been presented in paper.

Author(s): Anitha R, Sakthisudhan K

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