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Research Article - Virology Research Journal (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Studies on the molecular variability in Indian isolates of Papaya ringspot virus

Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV), Potyvirus is an important pathogen of papaya that causes severe losses in papaya production globally. The coat protein (CP) genes of four PRSV isolates originating from different locations in India, were cloned and sequenced. The band was observed at 840 bp in PRSV-FZD isolates of Uttar Pradesh. The isolates of PRSV have been characterized as papaya-infecting (PRSV-P). The PRSV-FZD sequence has made cluster with PRSV-Lucknow (AY458620). While sequences from Himanchal Pradesh (AY458617), Sikkim (DQ354072) clustered in another group with Jharkhand isolates (AY458619). Sequences from Karnataka (AY458618), Tamilnadu (DQ077175) and West Bengal (AY238885) have clustered in other group. The cluster analysis of the PRSV-FZD sequences and other Indian isolate has further done with PRSV sequences from different geographical regions. The results showed that PRSV-FZD had aligned in a cluster with other Indian sequences except sequences from Varanasi (AY238882), Maharashtra (AY238881), Madhya Pradesh (DQ650651) and Andhra Pradesh (AY903266) which clustered in separate groups. The sequences from Vietnam, China, Australia and Japan form a separate cluster. Brazil and USA sequences clustered in separate group along with the divergent Indian group.

Author(s): Shyam Singh, Anjeet Jangre, Pankaj Kumar, Awasthi LP

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