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Research Article - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Studies on immune response of ducks to avian influenza and duck plague vaccines.

This study aims to investigate the effect of duck vaccination with avian influenza (AI) and duck plague (DP) vaccines on their immune response when administered simultaneously or singly. Different local breed duck groups were vaccinated with the imported H5N2 AI vaccine and the locally produced DP live attenuated vaccine. Serologically using SNT, HI, and ELISA tests, it was found that there is no antagonizing effect between both vaccines on the duck's immune response, where both used vaccines induced reliable levels of specific antibodies against AI and DP. The level of the antibodies was protective as shown in challenge test conducted against DP where the vaccinated duckling groups showed 92-96% protection rates. Challenge had not been conducted against AI to avoid public health hazards. So, the simultaneous vaccination of ducks against DP and AI is safe and could be applied saving time and stress factors on birds.

Author(s): Khodeir MH, El-Tarabili MM, Ayat Salah El-Din Mohamed

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