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Short Communication - Journal of Oral Medicine and Surgery (2020) Volume 3, Issue 3

Stomatological attention in patients in organ transplantation protocol

Transplantation is the replacement for therapeutic purposes of organs, tissues, cellular material for a human, usually donated from another living or dead human. In recent years organ transplantation has been developed by medical surgical technology and immunosuppressive drugs. Due to the frequency of transplants that are performed it is common to treat transplant patients in the dental office to receive stomatological treatment.

Objective: Review of literature regarding oral manifestations in transplant patients and stomatological treatment before and after transplantation.

Material and methods: Literature articles that were obtained from the PubMed and MedLine databases were reviewed.

Results and conclusion: We describe the most common oral manifestations due to drugs in transplant patients (viral, bacterial, fungal infections, gingival alterations, xerostomia) and the stomatological treatment that transplant patients should receive before and after being transplanted.

Author(s): Abner Escobedo

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