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Abstract - Journal of Fisheries Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

S-STORY-Success Story and Advancements of Turkish Aquaculture Sector

The geographic and climatic variations, marine and inland waters offer a wide variety of production types on different species in aquaculture in Turkey. Total fisheries production in 2017 was 630,820 tons and contribution of aquaculture was 276,502 tons in total fisheries production. Today aquaculture play an increasingly important role in the fisheries production. Aquaculture was contributed around 44% by volume and 73 % by value in 2017. Aquaculture was fastest growing sector in the five years in Turkey. There are 2.303 fish farms in 2017 with total capacity 487,859 tons in Turkey. Turkish Government has developed a National Mariculture Development Plan to minimize conflicts and provide blue growth fish farming for the future of the marine aquaculture sector in 2009 and ICZM models are being developed and implemented with consensus of all related institutions and stakeholders in 2008 and inshore marine farms were moved to allocated offshore zones in 2009. Although it is very young, there have been showed very important improvements in aquaculture sector. In the past decade, the increase on aquaculture production was 293%. Aquaculture was recorded fastest growing sector in Turkey in the past four years. Turkey has occupied first place in trout and sea bass production, second place in sea bream among European countries. Turkey now has a 30% share of the European sea bream and sea bass market. Latest developments in the aquaculture sector place Turkey in an important position and pointed country for blue growth in both the Mediterranean basin and among the European countries.

Author(s): Hayri DENÄ°Z

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