Journal of Primary Care and General Practice

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Research Article - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

Some issues in the severely ill patients

The modern situation requires the optimal organization and development of modern efficient and accessible of Palliative Care (PC) that most adequately meets the requirements and adequate quality of life of palliative patients and their families, contributes to the preservation of human dignity at the end of life. According to foreign and national epidemiological studies, despite the specifics of the course of concrete diseases, patients in the final period of life have a complex of symptoms and disorders become common to different nosology’s. In addition to physical symptoms, for the majority (about 60%) of severely ill and incurable patients characterized by manifestations of acute psychological crisis: Frustration, anger, anxiety, severe depression and fear, etc., which may deepen as a result of social isolation, stigma and material hardship

Author(s): Zh M Zolotarova

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