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Short Communication - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Some issues in the seriously ill patients.

The modern situation requires the optimal organization and development of efficient and accessible of palliative care that most adequately meets the requirements and adequate quality of life of palliative patients and their families. Every year in Ukraine more than 500 thousand incurable patients and more than a million members of their families need palliative care, which determines the great socio-economic and humanitarian significance of this problem. Methods:146 severely diseased patients were interviewed. The results of research were mainly categorical data. Within the last year 56% of respondents were hospitalized four or more times. The part of admissions to hospital by the reference of a physician was only 49.4  4.0% and 20.5  3.2% of patients were admitted to hospital by the ambulance. Conclusion: it was established a high multiplicity of using inpatient care by palliative patients. It was shown the necessity of development of the standards of palliative care for patients and their families at the level of primary medical care. Should consider the successful project Leonardo experience to solve this task.

Author(s): Zolotarova Zh, I. Slugotska

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