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Short Communication - Journal of Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Soil Properties and Crops Performance as affected by Animal Manure

The use of animal manure cannot be overemphasized due to its positive impact on soil and crop, irrespective of manure type. Enhancement of soil fertility and improvement of environment quality are both important aims of todays’ agriculture. Besides providing valuable macro and micronutrients to the soil, manure supplies organic matter to improve the soil’s physical and chemical properties. Its also increases infiltration of water and enhances retention of nutrients, reduces wind and water erosion, and promotes growth of beneficial organisms. Efficient use of animal manure could therefore alleviate the problem of declining land productivity in most parts of the world. Manure application to agricultural land requires an appropriate balance between agronomic requirements and negative environmental impacts. Negative impact that could be defined as soil pollution have to do with the addition to heavy metals, organochlorines and too many salts. On the other hand, animal manure has a positive influence on the buildup of soil organic matter and thus improves the soil structure. There is a global move towards developing agricultural production systems which will involve the more efficient utilization of inputs and the reduction of waste products with a view of developing a more environmentally friendly, economically and economically profitable agricultural system.

Author(s): Abdulraheem Mukhtar Iderawumi

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