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Special Issue Article - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 24, Issue 9

Sinus bradycardia in children: Biochemical parameters depending on clinical variant, possible criteria of differential diagnostics

Background: Destabilization of cardiac myocyte cell membrane, its structure and function influences on the development of sinus bradycardia (SB). Purpose: To study total cholesterol (TC) of platelet membrane as cardiac myocyte model, total intracellular calcium (Ca2+) in platelets in children with SB without organic heart disease depending on the clinical variant and with autonomic dystonia syndrome (ADS) and idiopathic (asymptomatic) syndrome.

Methods: Children aged 3-13 years matched by sex and age were divided into three groups: group 1 consisted of healthy children (control group, n=30), group 2 consisted of children with idiopathic SB (n=20) and group 3 consisted of children with SB and ADS. Diagnostic tests and procedures were carried out. Special methods included TC and Ca2+ in platelets.
Author(s): Olga Senatorova*, Khramova E.B and Lykasov A.G.

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