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Case Report - Journal of Diabetology (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Severe septic complications in a Diabetic Foot decades after multiple injections of a modeling Agent

Diabetic foot (DF) is a grave macro and microvascular diabetic complication that consists of different types of lesions in tissues harboring severe neuropathy and ischemia. The incidence of diabetic foot has increased due to the worldwide prevalence of diabetes mellitus, the prolonged life expectancy of patients and the increased prevalence of obesity. In fact, according to the WHO projections, “diabetes will be the seventh cause of mortality in 2030". Currently, women and men alike constantly try to improve personal appearance, whether due to a deformity or pure aesthetics. As a consequence of the lack of knowledge, non-qualified health personnel offer dubious surgical techniques, which they claim to be safe and economical, which consist of injecting different modeling agents, but the indiscriminate uncontrolled use of many types of such fillers applied in different manners have produced very serious and even fatal complications. In the case herein reported such a dangerous complication was observed and treated in an adult female who received multiple bilateral injections of a modeling agent.

Author(s): Cueto J, Barrientos T, Ochoa R, Bert E , Ibarra J, Moreno MA, Aparicio G

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