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- Current Pediatric Research (2016) Volume 20, Issue 1

Severe Malaria due to Plasmodium vivax: Case Report

Background: Recently vivax severity has been on the rise in India where P. vivax contributes in equal ratio with P. falciparum to the malaria incidence. Objectives:We report here two cases of vivax malaria- one severe and another non-severe case, diagnosed and confirmed by microscopy, rapid diagnostic tests and 18S rRNA PCR assay.

Methods: Quantitative expression of two drug resistance genes (pvcrt-o, pvmdr1) and five vir (variant interspersed repeats) genes were measured simultaneously in these two cases for evaluating their role in disease pathogenesis. The non-severe case was taken as a control for measuring the expression levels of the studied genes in the severe case.

Results: The results indicated that clinical severe case was due to P.vivax only. The transcript levels of pvcrt-o and pvmdr1 alongwith the four vir genes were seen to be significantly high when compared to the non-severe vivax malaria case in the study.

Author(s): Purva Gupta, Rajni Sharma, Jagdish Chandra and Vineeta Singh

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