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Short Communication - Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research (2023) Volume 4, Issue 1

Serum Peptidome-Based Indicators Looking For Low Residual Monitoring

The blood proteome's low-molecular-weight (LMW) region, which is made up of both intact small proteins and large protein fragments, is a gold mine of diagnostic data waiting to be mined by nanotechnology. The term "serum peptidome" refers to serum protein fragments and peptides, especially those of LMW, whose molecular weights are less than 20 kDa. Serum peptide profiling using mass spectrometry has become popular in recent years as a tool for studying markers in solid tumours. According to preliminary research, a group of serum peptides can be used to diagnose diseases and forecast their progression. ProteinChip has been phased out for sample preparation and enrichment in recent years in favour of magnetic beads with high separation capacities.

Author(s): Wen Jing Chen

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