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Mini Review - Materials Science and Nanotechnology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

SERS active substrate by atmospheric-PLD: a mini review and suggestion for biomedical application

SERS is an emerging research area which has been under constant investigation from years. Researchers have manufactured a variety of SERS active substrates for multifold applications and today, with SERS substrate, single molecule detection is on fingertip. Several review reports are available, describing the preparation and application of SERS substrates with application in diverse fields of biomedical and engineering sciences. This mini review briefly sheds light on the SERS substrates of plasmonic nanomaterial of silver or gold, by atmospheric-PLD (APLD). This will help in realization the effectiveness of newly introduced APLD method produced SERS substrates and upscale for practical use in biomedical and pharmaceutical industry. This will facilitate the industry by providing a simple and cost effective route to production of SERS active substrates.

Author(s): Taj M. Khan

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