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Abstract - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0


 Trypanosomosis is a disease of vertebrates that is accompanied with severe clinical manifestations by the affected host, and causes significant impact on livestock productivity and food security in the affected areas. The present study aimed at detecting parasitological, haematological alterations and clinical signs in Kano brown goats experimentally infected with 2.0 x 106 /ml of Trypanasoma evansi intravenously originally isolated from naturally infected dromedaries at Maigtari International market. Five apparently healthy experimental subjects were randomly assingned into two groups. Group A (1, 2 and 3) was infected while group B (4 and 5) was uninfected control. Experimental animals were monintored for 145 days for level of parasitaemia, heamatology and clinical signs. The experiment indicated that, the parasite caused infection, altered haematology and evoked clinical signs with prepatent period of between 3 and 7 days post infection (DPI). The mean packed cell volume (PCV), Mean haemoglobin (Hb) concentration and mean red blood cell (RBC) count were significantly (p< 0.05) lower in the infected subjects than in the control group. The commencement of rise in mean rectal temperature to 40.3± 0.60C which coincided with the increased in mean parasitaemia level to 1.5 x 104 /ml blood at 6 DPI in the infected goats.

Author(s): Mohammed Ahmed Gumel

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