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Case Report - Otolaryngology Online Journal (2016) Volume 6, Issue 3

Secondary Laryngeal Carcinoma: Case Report

Background: Laryngeal metastases are rare and uncommon. Secondary involvement of the larynx with nearby tumors is often, but involvement with distant metastases is very rare. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has a very high metastatic potential, however, larynx is rarely involved. Case report: In this text a case of a 63-year-old is described who had laryngeal growth several years after nephrectomy due to renal carcinoma. The laryngeal biopsy was done several times until the final diagnosis was made, thanks to immunohistochemistry. Conclusion: Renal cell carcinoma can cause metastases which may occur years after the primary disease. Metastases to larynx are very rare, however they can appear, therefore they have to be included in our differential diagnosis of laryngeal, and especially secondary laryngeal cancer.

Author(s): Selma Hodzic-Redzic

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