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Editorial - Research and Reports in Pulmonology (2021) Volume 2, Issue 6

SARS-CoV-2 is a Positive-Sense Single-Abandoned RNA Infection

 Serious intense respiratory condition Covid 2 (SARS?CoV?2) is a strain of Covid that causes COVID-19 (Covid sickness 2019), the respiratory disease answerable for the continuous COVID19 pandemic. The infection recently had a temporary name, 2019 novel Covid (2019-nCoV),and has likewise been called human Covid 2019 (HCoV-19 or hCoV-19). First distinguished in the city of Wuhan, Hubei, China, the World Health Organization announced the episode a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and a pandemic on 11 March 2020. SARS?CoV?2 is a positive-sense single-abandoned RNA infection that is infectious in people. As portrayed by the US National Institutes of Health, it is the replacement to SARS-CoV-1, the infection that caused the 2002-2004 SARS episodes.

Author(s): Eric Ross

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