Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Short Article - Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics (2021) Volume 2, Issue 1

Routine screening for SARS CoV-2 in the pregnant women in Primary Health Care

Asia  has become one of  the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic. It seems that asymptomatic population may contribute importantly to the spread of the disease. Transmission from asymptomatic pregnant woman  needs to be tested in large scale, but  In primary health care without facilities for RT PCR SARS CoV-2, antibodies and the level of Wbc and lymphocytes may become as alternative test. Objective: To assess the prevalence of SARS CoV-2 infection in matic asymtomatic pregnant woman in primary health care. Methods This was a cross-sectional study was performed. Pregnant women admitted at policlic Obstetrics & Gynecology of  Wirahusada Medical Center for antenatal care, between November 1st  and December 31, 2020. A total of 142 pregnant woman without symproms were tested for  rapid antibody for SARS CoV-2 and checked for routine hematology during the study period. Asymtomatic pregnant woman with rapid antibody positif  then cronfirmed  with RT-PCR for SARS CoV-2.


Author(s): Dewi Setiawati

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