Journal of Food Nutrition and Health

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Review Article - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2020) Volume 3, Issue 2

Role of Nutrition on Immune System During Covid-19 Pandemic

In the year 2019 a new strain of virus was came into world’s knowledge which was originated from bats in Wuhan, China. COVID – 19 was declared as a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and keeping in mind that the World is grappling with the inevitable threat done by this virus to the mankind. As we know this virus is novel, so no vaccine, or drug is available for the treatment and the drug which is currently in use are providing the window period to our body which is helpful in development of adaptive immunity against COVID-19.The immune system is the organization of different organs & cells in which every individual performs its action in orchestral way to protect the host from any non-self-particles i.e. virus, microbes, fungi, parasites etc. Our body requires vast variety of micro (i.e. vitamins and minerals) as well as macro (like carbohydrate, protein, fat) nutrients to synthesize different kind of immune cells. Garlic, Basel leaves and Black pepper are some of the proven ancient herbs that boost the immunity. In this paper we have reviewed the literature on the immune supportive properties of micronutrient and the impact of their supplementation in up-liftment of immune system to fight against COVID-19and other upper respiratory tract infections.

Author(s): Sunita Mishra*, Mounika Patel

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