Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Diagnosis and Therapy

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Editorial - Journal of Parasitic Diseases: Diagnosis and Therapy (2022) Volume 7, Issue 4

Role of aquatic and semi-aquatic plant in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases are responsible for morbidity all over India various parasites are responsible for such infectious diseases. The causal organisms of such diseases are Bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and helminthiases. In recent past few years’ infectious diseases are increased due to parasite infections. Hydrophyte herbs can be used to healing for such types of problems because some aquatic and semi-aquatic herbs are noted to have medicinal properties for a treat and curing such types of parasitic infections and infectious diseases. Because synthetic and chemical drugs are harmful to their side effect and continue using and take of such types of synthetic drugs can lead to serious issues and problems so we can move to utilize our natural resources in any form. This article revises the role of Aquatic and semi-aquatic plant as Natural drugs in the treatment of some infectious diseases and also explore the area of utilizing Aquatic and semiaquatic plant in the form of medicine.

Author(s): Rahul kumar*, Nutan Srivastava

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