Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures

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Commentary - Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures (2022) Volume 6, Issue 6

Robotic surgery: A new technology and future advancement.

In general surgery, the use of robotics and laparoscopic surgery is increasing. Robotic surgery, which requires minimal incisions, has advanced rapidly over the years, benefiting both patients and surgeons. Therefore, robotic platforms and tools are now being used and improved more frequently in general surgery. Robotic surgery is advancement on the minimally invasive spectrum and represents an evolution of practice across multiple disciplines. Surgical robotics is a promising new technology. Robotic surgery, often known as the new revolution, is one of the most discussed topics in surgery today. So far, however the willingness to develop and procure robotic devices has been largely driven by the market. It has undoubtedly become an important tool in surgical instruments, but its range of uses is still evolving.

Author(s): Kyle Palmen

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