Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures

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Case Report - Case Reports in Surgery and Invasive Procedures (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

RIEDEL thyroiditis: A case report from Nigeria.

It is common to have a patient present with a thyroid gland mass in clinical practice. Often the clinical diagnosis will be logically correct from the signs and symptoms elicited. The main concern is to distinguish benign from malignant lesions. Diagnosing Riedel thyroiditis correctly happens only when one has a high index of suspicion for it, and this is not probable because of rarity of the variant in clinical practice and consequent lack of exposure to its management. The significance of our reporting this case was to share our experience treating a patient with this rare unreported tumor at least in Africa, the lessons learnt, its contributions to the body of knowledge on the subject matter and to show that such disease can occur in Africans

Author(s): Martin Nzegwu*

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