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Research Article - Journal of Primary Care and General Practice (2023) Volume 6, Issue 3

Rheological properties and the evaluation of the effects of date syrup (Phoenix dactylifera L.) sugar substitute on food composition of Bambara flour (Vigna subterranea ) composite bread

There is an increase advocacy on the consumption of functional foods by world nutrition bodies, due to different health challenges related to food consumption such as diabetes and heart disease, coupled with the recent WHO recommendations to reduce the overall consumption of sugar and foods that promote high glucose response. Date syrup as sugar substitute in the preparation of breads enhances the nutritional and health status of the consumers. Bread was developed using the Bambara nut bean legume (Vigna subterranea ) where date syrup substituted for sugar (sucrose) significantly improve the physical characteristics and chemical composition. There was a significant increase in the concentration of date syrup at various levels with increase in the mineral concentration compared to the control (sucrose) and a notable increase in the rheological properties when date syrup was substituted with sucrose. The sensory evaluation revealed that bread developed with date syrup had a higher general acceptability score than the control.

Author(s): Ekoja Omeyi Faith, Egbunu Moses Majiyebo, Adgidzi Asheobin Eunice, Okoro Elechi Jasper, Adamu Cornelius Smah

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