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Short Communication - Current Pediatric Research (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Revert to the original: Time to re-establish delayed umbilical cord clamping as the standard approach for preterm Neonates

Delayed cord clamping, the common term used to denote placental-to-new-born transfusion at birth, is a practice now endorsed by the
major governing bodies affiliated with maternal-new-born care. Despite considerable evidence, delayed cord clamping, not early cord
clamping, continues to be viewed as the “experimental” intervention category when discussed in research studies. We provide a brief
overview of placental-to-new-born transfusion in relation to birth transitional physiology and discuss areas where we may need to modify
our interpretation of “normal” vital signs and laboratory values as delayed cord clamping becomes standardized. We also assert that delayed
cord clamping should now be viewed as the standard of care approach, especially given that multiple randomized controlled trials have
revealed that early cord clamping, which lacks evidence-based support, is associated with a greater risk for morbidity and mortality than
delayed cord clamping.
Author(s): David Hutchon

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