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Opinion Article - Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research (2022) Volume 3, Issue 5

Resveratrol regulates the glycolysis pathway to enhance follicular growth in polycystic ovary syndrome

A reproductive, hormonal, and metabolic condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is commonly accompanied by hyperandrogenism, chronic inflammation, and oxidative stress. A naturally occurring polyphenolic stilbene called resveratrol can be found in small concentrations in several foods. It has received a lot of attention as a potential treatment for metabolic diseases, but its use to PCOS has been very sparse. The impact of resveratrol on the clinical characteristics of PCOS, ovarian morphology, androgen profile, markers of oxidative stress, markers of inflammation, and metabolic markers connected to PCOS is highlighted in this review. The control of glycolysis-related mediators such PKM2, LDH-A, and SIRT1 may be linked to the protective effects of resveratrol in PCOS animals. Resveratrol might be a promising contender for preventing the onset of PCOS.

Author(s): George Tambosi

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