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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2018) Volume 22, Issue 1

Response to the provision of hepatitis B booster in children aged 10-15 years with non-protective anti-Hbs titer.

Introduction: Several studies have demonstrated that titer of protective anti-HBs (≥ 10 mIU/ml) begins to wane at age 10 and declines rapidly due to age. Approximately 10% of Indonesia's population was infected with hepatitis B. Objective: To determine the response to the provision of Hepatitis B vaccine among children aged 10-15 years with titer of non protective anti-HBs. Method: Consecutive study conducted from October to December 2015 among the children aged 10-15 years from 10 schools in Tuminting Regency, North Sulawesi. Before study conducted, titer of anti-HBs was checked with the result titer of non-protective anti-HBs (<10 mIU/ml). The inclusion criteria was Parents signed inform consent, the children were administered a booster dose of hepatitis B immunization and were rechecked within 1-3 months after administration. The study was approved by Ethic Commitee of Medical Faculty of Sam Ratulangi University. Result: A total 74 out of 82 children who had non-protective titer of anti-HBs complied with inclusive criteria. 60 children (81.1%) got protective titer of anti-HBs after receiving a booster dose of hepatitis B immunitation. While 14 children (18.9%) got non-protective titer of anti-HBs (non-responder). Among 60 children who got protective titer of anti-HBs, only 4 children (6.7%) were found with titer of anti-HBs ranging 10-100 mIU/ml (hyporesponder) and 56 children (93.3%) were found with titer of anti-HBs >100 mIU/ml (good responder). Conclusion: Provision of a booster dose of hepatitis B to the non-protective children presented a good result.

Author(s): Novie Homenta Rampengan

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