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- Biomedical Research (2016) Volume 27, Issue 2

Research on the long-term effect of health food on track and field athletes.

According to the popularization of sports nutrition knowledge and promote the cause of our country sports nutrition needs, expounds the new concept of sports health food, the development of sports health food abroad, the domestic market prospects for development, and cultivate the status quo. Sports nutrition supplements are more and more accepted by the public in alleviating fatigue and enhancing athletic performance with appropriate usage. Varied sports supplements are developed to meet various requirements. This article reviewed recent advances in the effects of major sports supplements on athletic performance. For sports health food which has been basically mature food system in more than a decade in domestic has made the detailed elaboration. These big good situations indicate the better future of our country's sports health food market.

Author(s): Jinchao Li, Yubin Han, Fugui Duan

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