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Review Article - Journal of Psychology and Cognition (2017) Volume 2, Issue 1

Re-engineering of thought process: An exploratory model.

From the Vedic and pre-Vedic period, even the time immemorial, thought process regulation is being highlighted and implemented by the Saints and Rishies for the wellbeing of the people. This ‘the–then’ ongoing process has now reached in the step of Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR), which is just an avenue to recycle the concept of regulating one’s own thought Process. The very concept of TPR is emerged combining the Science and Spirituality with a base of quantum physics, in re-processing of thought process, focused by Sajeev Nair. According to him the process of re-engineering of thought is being worked out in seven stages like:- Be Conscious- Pause – Replay- Ask- Explore- Retrieve and then Play. The present article, based on this idea, aims at exploring and preparing a model in re-engineering of thought on the basis of neuroscientific exploration adhered with higher level of mental functioning in circulating, regulating and managing the mindset we have, in a particular manner to remove the affliction and negative thoughts from the cognitive and conative level helping the person to live in a healthy mind with a healthy body. The process can be designed as: - Be conscious => then Focus (attention) => Explore (Neuro- scientifically) => Pause (To judge) => Retrieve => Reasoning => Reframe => Action/Play => Behaviour. In this process if we will be conscious about our good action and it will be circulated through TPR technique then we will have a healthy body with a healthy mind. For example, if we have good thought, it leads good action- that leads to good character – then lead to good behavior – then good display- by which we can have a good life. And in a circular manner it revolves But if we have a bad thought, it leads to all bad mentality- bad action- bad characterbad behavior- bad display ultimately leads to bad life and when repeating it again and again we will get only bad and bad results (Sajeev Nair). In this age of technology where everything is technologically induced, like biotechnology, information technology, media technology, peace technology, etc., our thought process also can be re-engineered technologically, upon which an exploratory model is reflected in this paper. The model implicates in answering to the questions like: what one believes to be true/good, how to differentiate between good and bad (as they are relative terms), how confident one is in that belief, about how we answer to a question in terms of the inferential processes whereby knowledge is constructed from perceptions and memories, and above all how the thought process of the people can be changed so as to create a desired result of meaningful and holistic life.

Author(s): Santa Misra

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