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Case Report - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Reconsidering Terrien's marginal degeneration and Fuchs superficial keratitis: a case report of juxtalimbal peripheral corneal degenerations.

Purpose: This case suggests more evidence linking Terrien?s marginal degeneration and Fuchs superficial keratitis as related phenotypes of a single condition. Methods: This is a retrospective case report. Summary: This report describes a case of a single patient who presented with bilateral peripheral corneal degeneration that developed with unique presentations of Terrien?s marginal degeneration in one eye and Fuchs superficial keratitis in the fellow eye. Terrien?s and Fuchs have classically been described as two distinct entities. However, their pathophysiology continues to remain unclear. This case suggests that both conditions may share a common inflammatory pathway with two distinct phenotypes. The shared clinical characteristics and similar management strategies of these two conditions also suggest that it may be more clinically productive to address these conditions together rather than as distinct disease processes.

Author(s): Bryan Strelow*

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