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- Biomedical Research (2013) Volume 24, Issue 4

Quantitative assessment of erythrocytes and leucocytes in CPD- A stored blood.

Blood is stored to achieve a good post-transfusion survival. The ability of stored whole blood or blood components to fulfill their functions after transfusion can be studied during the period of storage. Transfusion of whole blood is currently being practiced in many centers in Nigeria despite the sustained short supply from voluntary donation. Studies have shown that leucocytes in stored blood can produce adverse effects and influence patient outcome. This study explores quantitative assessment of haematocrit values and leucocytes properties in a large number of blood units and aims at refreshing several years’ knowledge about quantitative changes in erythrocytes and leucocytes during storage. This will hopefully rekindle the need for widespread component transfusion in Nigeria. One hundred whole blood samples collected in CPDA-1 bags from individual, non-repeat, qualified donors were studied. Haematocit values and leucocytes count were done on days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35. Mean haematocrit and leucocytes count of donors on day 0 were 38.81 ± 3.31% and 5.1 ±1.9x 109 cells/l respectively. Mean difference of haematocrit and leucocytes between day 0 and 35 of storage were 2.25 ±1.07 % and 5.1 ± 1.9x109 cells/l respectively. Mean difference of haematocrit of 0.1± 0.4% on day 14 was statistically significant. While 49% of leucocytes were remaining by day 14, seventy five percent of neutrophil have disappeared by day 7. The number of leucocytes remaining in the blood unit on day 35 has inverse proportion to the haematocrit value on day 35 of storage. Significantly, neutrophil count on day 35 was negatively associated with the haematocrit value of day 35. We conclude that the seemingly subtle changes in the haematocrit values and remarkable loss of leucocytes in the stored whole blood have association and are significant. Also, to improve the benefit from the limited blood transfusion services, component transfusion might be a good option.

Author(s): Oluyombo R, Oluyombo O, Uchegbu OO, Adegbamigbe O, Ayodele OE

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