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Editor Note - Journal Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Psychology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Psychological Pressure in COVID-19 Patients

In December 2019, an flare-up of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID- 19) epidemic happened in Wuhan, Hubei territory, and quickly spread all through China, which brings a huge affect on the full Chinese individuals. Within the current think about, we examined the mental status of influenced by the COVID 19 out break in China between February to Walk, 2020. Around 18.3% of the members had psycho-logical wellbeing issues during the epidemic. The scourge has brought extraordinary mental weight to everybody, counting medical staff and the common population. With the tall weight and pandemic hazard, medical staff are at incredible hazard of creating mental issues. As distant as we know, the infection is primarily transmitted by means of virus-laden respiratory droplets. Due to the face-to-face contact and communication with patients in their work, medical staff are at higher risk of COVID-19 contamination than the common populace. In expansion, at the early arrange of the episode, the deficiency of restorative supplies and gear was moreover disturbing mental trouble among medical staff.

Author(s): Erez Yaakobi

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