Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology

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Short Article - Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 3

Psychological consequences of HIV-related stigma among African migrant women in Lower Saxony, Germany: What can we learn from their stories?

This analysis was undertaken in 2012 as empirical studies and currently focuses on literature in to interrupt the silence of girls living with HIV in Bamenda Region of Cameroon. This current studies aims to grasp what it suggests that for the African girl having kids within the face of HIV/AIDS, taking under consideration the severe impact of the malady on their social aspirations, cultures and traditions. The analysis checked out however living with HIV and therefore the stigma related to it within the society has severely restricted women's decisions and agency. The psychological distress long-faced by African ladies generally regardless of their HIV standing reflects the pressure and burden ladies UN agency area unit unable to conceive or bear kids face. this can be extremely problematic as family relationship holds the very best cultural worth for ladies within the region likewise as most African countries. In-depth interviews were conducted to seek out out the experiences and perceptions of girls living with HIV watching their aspirations with respect to kid bearing likewise because the responses from the community. The realizeings indicated that HIV positive ladies find it difficult to exercise their agency up-to-date kids thanks to lack of knowledge and external pressures. The analysis additionally found avenues wherever it absolutely was doable for ladies to talk out and create au courant decisions through the support of Church teams and health clinics, that approached the women's condition holistically taking under consideration the socio-cultural likewise as medical aspects. However, the advance in medical treatment within the west doesn't represent the conditions back in Cameroon and different African countries, going away these ladies with an important psychological burden from revelation, rejection, insecurity, guilt, low shallowness and despair that still hamper their welfare.


Author(s): Joyceline Ntoh Yuh

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