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Short Article - Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science (2019) Volume 3, Issue 3

Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis and Tsetse Fly Density in Different Regions of Ethiopia: A Review

 Ethiopia is well known for its huge and varied endowment of animal resources and bovine trypanosomiasis has long been recognized as a massive constraint to animal husbandry, animal production and mixed farming in large areas of Africa rural sub-Saharan. In Ethiopia, trypanosomosis is common in domestic livestock in the Western, South and Southwestern lowland regions and the associated river systems. Tsetse flies in Ethiopia are confined to the southern and western regions. Out of nine regions in Ethiopia, five (Amhara region, Benshangul-Gumuzs, Gambella, Oromia and regional state of nations and peoples of the South) are infected with more than one species of tsetse flies and there are five species of tsetse flies in some regions. . For this organized review more than 60 published paper from 2000-2019 which were completed in Amhara, Oromia, SNNPRs, Benshamgul Gumize and Gambella regions, respectively. According to the review, the overall prevalence of bovine trypanosomiasis in five regions of Ethiopia revealed that 8.6%, 9.3%, 11.2%, 10.6% and 18.1% in Amhara, Oromia , SNNPR, Benshamgul Gumize and Gambella, respectively. In addition, this review highlighted a heavy infestation of tsetse flies in the Oromia region by four species, namely Glossina pallidipes, Glossina morsitans, Glossina fuscipes and Glossina tachinoide, followed by G. pallidipes, G. fuscipes and G. longipennis in SNNPR, G. m. submorsitans and G. tachinoides in Amhara, G. morsitans and G. tachinoides in Benshamgul Gumize and Glossina pallidipes, Glossina morsitans, Glossina fuscipes and Glossina tachinoide in Gambella. Ultimately, the review showed that there was no major difference in the prevalence of bovine trypanosomiasis in five regions, except in the Gambella region, therefore, the National Institute of Trypanosomiasis and d The tsetse survey and control should cover all regions infested with tsetse flies in the country with control of mechanical transmission by biting flies.

Author(s): Edget Abayneh Alembo

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