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Short Article - Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics (2021) Volume 2, Issue 1

Predictor Factor of Maternal Death Related Covid-19 : A Case Control Study

Nowadays, Covid-19 has become our concern, included its impact to pregnant women. The rate of maternal mortality related Covid-19 increased. Early detection of significant factor related to clinical worsening of pregnant women with Covid-19 can be a rationale to do aggressive treatment and closed monitoring. The aim of study is to analyze the risks and predictor factor of maternal death with Covid-19. Material and method : Case control study, case grup consists of all maternal death related Covid-19 till August 2020 (15 patients) in Soetomo Hospital, tertiary hospital in Indonesia. Control grup consists of all pregnant women survived with Covid-19 confirmed till August 2020 (30 patients). We used bivariat analysis and multivariat using logistic regression. Result : We found five significant factors of maternal death related Covid-19. They are respiration rate  p=0,04 CI 95% 3,75 (1-14),  D-dimer >2400 with p=0,035 CI 95% 4,12 (1,06-16,03), SpO2 p=0,001 CI 95% 18 (3,61-89,5), CRP >7,15 p=0,003 CI 95% 7,5 (1,86-30,7) Obesity p=0,09 CI 95% 4,5 (0,9-22,3), A simple scoring is made based on probability equation of 5 factors and can predict the probability of level severity cause death from 3,9% (score 1) to 98,3% (score 5) with AUC (ROC) 94,7%. Conclusion : the risk and predictor factors of maternal death related covid included respiration rate, perifer saturation, CRP, D-dimer and Obesity. This simple prediction score can be used to define pregnant women with Covid-19 that need closed monitoring and aggressive treatment to avoid maternal morbidity and mortality.


Author(s): Khoirunnisa Novitasari

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