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Research Article - Current Pediatric Research (2021) Volume 25, Issue 6

Precocious puberty and hypertension secondary to testicular tumor in a Nigerian boy: Case report.

Precocious puberty is an uncommon cosmopolitan disease, characterized by attainment of secondary sexual characteristics before the age norm for sex. Reports of precocious puberty with attendant hypertension are rare. Detection of the cause of hypertension and precocious puberty which can be central or peripheral is a prerequisite for institution of appropriate management.

The outcome of the time, resources and efforts expended in obtaining care for this condition is dependent on the knowledge and expertise of the health care provider. Other determinants of outcome include the understanding of the minor concerned, the parental skills and parental resources.

We present an 8 year old Nigerian boy with features of precocious puberty and hypertension. We highlight the not so desirable outcome and challenges associated with previous and current management of this patient. Hopefully, this report will increase awareness on this condition and improve management practices amongst health practitioners in similar settings.

Author(s): Oyedeji OA, Oluwayemi IO, Adeniji EO, Akintola AM, Ayeni TO, Bayode AO, Adekunle OG, AdebimpeAfolabi AA

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