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Short Communication - Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics (2020) Volume 4, Issue 4

Preclinical and clinical study in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome patients with Lipid profile and cardiac markers to correlate occurrence of cardiovascular disease

 Objectives:- The Objective of this study was to correlate the Lipid Profile and cardiac markers along with cardiovascular Risk in Alcohol dependence syndrome patients. Methods:- This is a hospital based cross sectional study conducted in ASUNTA Medicare Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Bhaktapur, Nepal. The Study population comprises of 90 case and 90 control as a participant. Patients fulfilling the criteria of search work were included after taking informed consent the test was performed by reagent manufactured by Human, Germany in the fully automated chemistry Analyzer, BT, 3000, Italy. Performa were prepared for the measurement of sociodemographic variables and questinnaire done for the participants statistical analysis was done by using SPSS-20. Conclusion:- Alcohol Dependence Syndrome is a challenging worldwide problem which leads to premature death. Liver dieses and cardiovascular risk prolonged use of Alcohol leads to structural and Functional damage of Heart which can be easily monitored under echocardiography along with Variation in cardiac function test. Study Shows that the patient needs regular blood test to prevent the cardiovascular risk liver disease and others Physiological abnormalities. Results:- Mean ages of cases and controls were 32.12±6.35 and 33.29±5.12 Respectively. Most of the participants in the case were smokers (85%) chewing tobacco (60%) comparison of mean of SGOT in case (35.26±14.27) and control (114.35±46.22) was found Statistically significant. P<0.001 the mean total cholesterol levels were found to be higher in case (6.05±0.85) than control ( 4.56±0.12) with a positive statistically significance (P<0.001). Likewise mean triglyceride along with HDL-cholesterol and LDLcholesterol were also high in case compared with control, P<0.001. Myoglobin was found to be higher in chronic Alcoholic patients. 

Author(s): Hari Prasad Dulal

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