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Research Article - Journal of RNA and Genomics (2022) Volume 0, Issue 0

Potential role of micro RNAs in the treatment of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 virus)

COVID-19 firstly erupted in China in December 2019 as an epidemic that led to a global pandemic within a short span of time. Evaluating and examining patients and after laboratory analysis of respiratory samples, a novel coronavirus was labeled as the causative agent for this disease. Micro RNAs are defined as short non-coding segments of RNAs. Almost one-third of all human proteincoding genes are regulated by micro-RNAs. The discovery of micro RNAs added a new element into a comprehensive understanding of complex networks regulated by various genes. Micro RNAs regulate the expression of genes. These mainly help in post-transcriptional regulation of the expression of various target mRNAs. It is proposed to make use of micro RNA that is responsible for the regulation of proteins at the translational level for Covid-19 vaccination. SARS-CoV2 invades its host all the way through RNA (its genetic material). During various viral infections changes in the expression of micro RNA takes place. Vaccine production is the most advanced and recent application of micro RNAs. The Discovery of miRNA use as biomarkers is needed for developing therapeutic agents and or vaccination against Covid-19. Thus, micro-RNA based therapy may be planned for the treatment of Covid-19 through suppression of the viral genome. Therefore, synthesizing in vitro micro RNA that will be specific to the SARS COV-2 RNA genome sequence may help in Covid-19 viral elimination and prevent lung damage. In this article, we have tried to depict the role of micro-RNAs for the treatment of Covid-19. This concept of micro RNAs may help us in vaccine formation or developing some therapeutic agents against Covid-19.

Author(s): Sadaf Ali, Shiekh Amir, Shafat Ali, Ali Mohd Yatoo, Sabhiya Majid, Adil Farooq Wali, Summya Rashid

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