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Editorial - Journal of Systems Biology & Proteome Research (2022) Volume 3, Issue 2

Pomegranate peel rumen fermentation and gas production in vitro

Using an in vitro gas generation approach, this study looked at the effects of adding different amounts of ace tonic extract of pomegranate peel on rumen fermentation kinetics of sunflower seed meal (SFM). The samples were cultured in syringes containing rumen fluid from three Iranian Ghezel rams with annulations. The inclusion of ace tonic extract of pomegranate peel resulted in an increase in gas generation volume across all incubation durations, according to the results. The amount of gas produced rose when the extract dose was raised. Pomegranate peel extract supplemented sunflower seed meal had higher levels of a (gas production from the immediately soluble fraction), b (gas production from the insoluble fraction), and a + b (potential gas production) than control meal. Pomegranate peel extract boosted estimated short chain fatty acid (SCFA) synthesis, as well as digestible organic matter (DOM), metabolizable energy (ME), and net energy for lactation (NEL) in SFM. Enhancing the level of extract supplementation improved SCFA production as well as DOM, ME, and NEL content in SFM. In conclusion, feeding ruminants with ace tonic extract of pomegranate peel may result in increased urine fermentation and improved nutritional value of SFM.

Author(s): Muhammad Abdullah

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