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Abstract - The Cognitive Neuroscience Journal (2020) Volume 3, Issue 1

Plastic Surgery 2019: The changes of vessel in delayed flap on experiment and applications in aesthetic plastic surgery

Introduction: Material for plastic reconstruction is the important problem. Delayed flap is the good method to enlarge the flap with similar color and has good result in reconstruction. Our purposes: 1. Survey the changes of vessels in experimental delayed skin flap. 2. Apply technical delayed flap in aesthetic plastic surgery. Subject: Experimental study: 60 white rabbits divided into 2 groups (1:1), each group with 3 lots, each lot has 10 rabbits. Evaluate the effect of delay phenomenon by changes in blood vessels and vitality skin flap at the time of delayed 7, 14, 21 days. 

Author(s): Hai Thanh Nguyen

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