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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2016) Volume 20, Issue 2

Pericallosal Lipoma: A Rare Cause of Persistent Headache.

Objectives: Intracranial lipomas are very rare tumors with an incidence of approximately 0.1% of intracranial tumours. They are mostly localized in the pericallosal region. The importance of this report is that it is the first case in childhood that indicates an association between persistent headache and pericallosal lipoma in the literature.

Case report: We observed an eleven year old male patient who was admitted to our pediatric emergency department because of a persistent headache that his cranial magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated to be a lipoma in the pericallosal region, occupying both anterior and posterior locations around the corpus callosum without any corpus callosum or other central nervous system anomalies.

Conclusion: Intracranial lipomas are usually asymptomatic and rare. They can be detected from computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. They are usually benign but may require surgery in symptomatic cases.

Author(s): Betul Kilic, Serdal Gungor

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