Ophthalmology Case Reports

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Research Article - Ophthalmology Case Reports (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Perception of vision up to occipital cortex of brain.

The main goal of the exploration was to clarify the whole mechanism of visual perception of real object in cerebral cortex: to explain some paradoxes of perception with turning wheel, when the spokes of a wheel seem to turn in opposite direction of wheel?s spinning; or flashing lights reversal, when successive shifting of light seems changing its direction in turn within perceived picture. So the article presents explanation of told above phenomena by analyzing of visual perception at stages of visual path. Each following stage of perception was analyzed step by step. Determination of the form and type of image at each stage was based on schemes of damages at mentioned stages of visual path as it is given in a textbook for students of medical university. Illustrative examples are created in macromedia FLESH MX for the purpose of clear understanding of essence of perception for all categories of audience. The main conclusion was based on anatomic specifity that retinal yellow spots of both eyes are represented in both (left and right parts of) occipital cortex, whereas each occipital cortex contains only "one-side-information" of opposite visual field. Cortical corresponding parts of yellow spots are represented only as frame of reference for the future synthesis of half images in higher cortical systems. At the same time conception of perception in higher visual system was given.

Author(s): Merab urushadze

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