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Case Report - Current Pediatric Research (2023) Volume 27, Issue 2

Perceiving challenges of parents in socializing children with autism spectrum disorders among Nifas silk lafto sub-city.

The study's goal is to discover how parents in the Nifas silk Lafto sub-city perceive and implement socialization problems for children with autism spectrum disorders. 113 parents with autistic children make up the samples. According to the study's findings, just 44.45% of parents had an average understanding of autism spectrum disorder.

The result of perceiving and implementation challenge of average was 94% parents respond agree or strongly agree implies that there is a challenge but most of parents were not perceived the challenges and did not act with in the environment to socialize the child with autism. The number of autistic children and their parents' marital status influence how difficult it is for children to form social bonds. Education level and marital status are the important factors in influencing autism spectrum disorders knowledge. The chi square test of knowledge revealed that the observed and predicted results varied statistically significantly at the 5% level of significance. The study suggests that parents must communicate regularly with school assistances and parent’s committee groups to share experiences, difficulties and challenges of socializing children with autism.

Author(s): Hilina Nigatu*, Abera Getachew

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